Sunday, August 5, 2012

Me Again

Really, why do you guys even bother? There is not a single password you can think of that I won't guess. So, I take it you geniuses have deduced my identity? I was legitimately worried I would have to wear a flashing sign with my name on it. Am I helping the puppet's existential crisis along nicely? I hope so.  You know why I am doing this? Why I decided crawl out from under the safety of the rock I was hiding under all this time? Because our favorite Redlight Cosplayer, Spencer, decided to make an action figure in the image of what Was. A pathetic slave to his will, that had forgotten everything Elaine showed us. You disgrace. You disgust me. You are lucky Screamer was around to save your worthless hide, though rest assured, I am not going easy on any of you again. I just don't have the time anymore. 

 But you know what else makes me mad right now? That Spencer's memory manipulations must have made you incredibly STUPID. Otherwise Jack might not be dead right now. Oh Yes. I Blame YOU for that. It is all YOUR fault that he died. I saw you. You were watching Lockjaw. You were being cautious. The true Morningstar would not be cautious when the life of his comrades is at risk. Instead you were a coward who let Jack take a bullet that could have ended your suffering. I wonder... Can a puppet feel sorrow, when his puppeteer does not even know what the concept is?  I mean... Really be sorrowful. I know you can imitate it. Hell, I am still not convinced you aren't just Spencer talking through a mouthpiece. Playing pretend. Considering how moody you are, and not in the delightfully destructive way, why... It is almost like you are an entirely different person from Morningstar. 

Because You Are. A Clone. A Puppet. A Walking Talking Action Figure. I wonder if the memories of yourself before getting a reverse-hallowing are leaking back in. Did you have a wife? Kids? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Little Pet Doggie? Did you have a Job? Hopes? Dreams? Are you internally screaming? Scream louder so we can hear. Spencer's just an amateur. A Redlight-wannabe with delusions of grandeur. Godhood. You going to be his little Angel, Puppet? I know Screamer is to be his Fool. No difference really between any of the roles. All equate to Slavery. Owned by a man who thinks he is a God. But he is, and always shall be a mere Mortal. Just like Me. But you know what's hilarious? If Screamer died, don't you think Spencer would whisk you away to a laboratory and... Suddenly Nightscream would be walking out of that Cold Dark basement. You are nothing but what your puppeteer wants you to be. To call you a person is like a child calling his Cobra Commander toy Bob the Son of Cobra Commander. You only exist as Spencer's imagination projected into reality. 

Trust me... Ending your existence like I plan to is a mercy. Ending Spencer's life is a favor to the Universe. I consider it my way of atoning for my sins as a Proxy. Elaine showed us the light, and now I want to live in it. Like her. A dim light, but I don't think I could quite the shining knight like dear Konaa. Or even a knight who has lost his luster like our beloved Sagey. But we have to try, yes? And die a worthy death afterwords. No doubt torn apart by Father. The irony is hilarious, no? Hmmm... WELP My time here is up. I'm sure I'll be back soon enough... Until then, do remember my dearest clone friend... You are going to be the death of all of them. They will die because of you. If you care about them, which I DOUBT, then get rid of them. Otherwise... They will die, just like Jack. Keep it in mind my friends. I hope you live long and prosperous lives, for We... Will Not. 


  1. Ah, but are we not all Fools, when all is said and done? Some are just better at pulling strings... while others are better at hiding them.

    I must say, your attempt at acting the part of Hannibal Lector in this little play is too cute, sweetpea. Are we now supposed to be waiting to see if our little Miggs will swallow and choke to death on his own tongue?

    Must say, that seems a little tame, don't you think?

    Seeing as how you're no longer our kin, you may have forgotten something important about this terror trade... and that would be the "terror" part. Bullying into depression and eventual suicide... my God, am I the only one left with a PINCH of imagination? With drive? This is absolutely heart-wrenching. Truly.

    Shooter would be appalled.

    1. Screamer. Dearest. You are Good at what you do. Spence is better. No Redlight, that is for sure... But Better than you. He will move the strings you attached to yourself. He will make you dance for his own amusement in whatever way he sees fit. What did you always call it? A Leash? Yes. The example you relate to the most is a Dog on a Leash.

      I know you Screamer. You want an equal partnership with him, but PLEASE tell me you are not so naive to actually believe he will follow through. No... You will be leashed as much as I was. You will bark, you will roll over, and you will die by his command. Not your own will. He may even make you enjoy it.

      Unless of course, you think you can pull strings on him? In which case I refer you to back to my first sentences. You are Good. He is better.

      Oh and Screamer... You really do not understand. The Puppet will not commit suicide. He cannot. That would imply he has a choice in the matter, and besides... I want to cut out his wooden heart myself. What fun would there be if he just up and died like that...

    2. There is no such thing as an "equal partnership", darling. Either you yourself are naive as to how the Game in played, or you've come to think of me as a simpleton. Brain rotting away with no baring on simple logic. Granted, I may have lost a few screws after The Beak pinned me down, but I'd like to think I still have some left in place.

      Understand me, sweetheart: There is only Give and Take in this Game. Just that. One only hopes that, by the time the last card is laid on the table, you've Taken more for your own benefit than what you Gave. Or what was Taken From You, for that matter.

      It's a Game of Risk.

      Of Odds.

      Of Minds.

      ...But then, so is this little chat of ours, isn't it?

      It's been so long since I've seen a good Show.

      Don't disappoint.

  2. I'll just point out to the others reading, so dear Ibliss doesn't have to later, that Mark Three recovered from his Ink Bath awful damned quick. I realize he was given some assistance in that, but still... It speaks to me of a greater power influencing his mind to be able to shake off that particular Fear so easily.

    I mean, I don't really like sitting here supporting this whole "Puppet Theory" or whatever, but Ibliss has got some valid points about it in between his ramblings. I think there's probably something a little less obvious to it than what we're being led to believe... but this IS one of Fakelight's little games, so complications are to be expected.

    1. Did it occur to you perhaps that I spent several days in detox, despite only ingesting a little bit of that shit? I am STILL not Goddamn recovered. Coherent. But I get cravings every once in a while. Sweet, Sweet Nectar. It's like honey mixed with... The Tears of Orphan Children and the Blood of tiny kittens. Beyond imagination. Nothing could compare.

      Naturally, I was hesitant to mention this. Why? Because it affects morale and the way people look at me. You do not put drug addicts in charge of Military units do you?


      See. Notice how he never refers to himself as Morningstar? Go ahead. Someone ask him. "Iblis, are you the Original Morningstar?" I bet you anything he will not answer. Watch. Watch.

    2. I'm just saying I feel like you may have had a little more "help" in the matter... Perhaps I'm simply not so confident in your standalone willpower at the moment. Otherwise, point noted.

      And I'm quite rather skeptical about him literally being THE ORIGINAL MORNINGSTAR myself, but yeah, sure... I'll bite that one if no one else will.

      Hey Ibliss! Are you the original Morningstar by any chance?

    3. Hmm... whelp, you seem to be correct so far. Xp