Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crushing Defeat

First off. I would like to apologize about my pedophile priest joke in my last post. I deeply regret it at this point. Second off, I need to announce that Nightscream and I are going to fly under the radar for the next... Week or so. For safety reasons. I expect Cronos Cell to send what I asked in that time. If not, I am going to... Do something drastic. God. I am drained right now...

So. The Siege of the Church ended in defeat for us. They got reinforcements and pushed us out. The Priest... Requiem I think his name was, got killed by a Sniper. He was one of Nightscream's friends, so Nightscream went running off to kill the Sniper... Failing at it, but that has already been covered... My role at that point was to make sure we didn't lose anymore people. I am all out of Dynamite, and my ego is shattered. Moriarty's people kicked our asses badly. The Church burned down, meaning we have lost our position here, not to mention the crippling blow to morale. I hear the Highest are bickering with each other over what to do. Redlight has been silent as far as I know, and Valtiel... No idea what his/it's current deal is. This is giant fucking mess. The Good news is, we got SOME people out alive, including myself and Nightscream. The bad news is, I need this week off to recover from the new holes in my body.

Body Count is now 21. Mostly due to liberal use of Dynamite and a LOT of knife work. To all Proxies reading this, do NOT engage Moriarty Commandos in Close Quarters Combat. Not unless you have some training or something. Also. Do not engage Moriarty Commandos in a Gunfight unless you have numbers on your side. In fact. Don't engage them at all if you can help it. It is fucking suicide. These are neither Orcs nor Stormtroopers. They don't die easy.

I need a Team. A Big One. A Strong One. A Quirky One. Only with those three elements can I ever hope to gain my VENGEANCE upon Moriarty's Army. SO YOU BETTER SEND ME GOOD PEOPLE!!!

One other thing we have deduced. I was eating some of the soldiers remains, cooked of course, but it ended up making me sick. This never happened before and I suspect they have some kind of drug in their systems... SEND ME A TECH/CHEMISTRY PERSON... Or a Drug Dealer. One of those would probably know what these guys are on. Anyway. We are going dark. See you all soon.


  1. Leave it to you to figure out something important by being a cannibal. I'm glad you're alright.

  2. ... That is disgusting. But I'm sorry for your losses.

  3. I am glad you are okay. I think.
    I just hope you got the ones who hit us.
    And drugs?
    I suppose it's never a good sign.

  4. Have you engaged in much cannibalism in this new body? Maybe it just has a weaker digestive/immune system.

  5. Whoever these people are, they sound pretty good to me. Burn in hell.

    1. Thanks for the endorsement neighbour.
      Do yourself a favour and stay out of the way.

  6. I'm good in a close-quarters fight but that's a little specialized. I don't think it would apply as much as I would like it to.

    Good luck in the dark Dr. Popplelloppaggus. Here's hoping you don't get sick and die.

  7. I'm hoping you induced vomiting because this is really, really bad.


  8. The drugs would certainly explain the devastating impact they've had as he well as how tricky it seems to be to take them down. The question now is, if it made you sick, how much of it did Moriarty put in their systems and how are they managing to function the way that they are. This is very interesting. I will have to look into it.

    On a different note, I will gladly assist you and Nightscream in anyway that I can. My Eyes are willing to get put their lives on line to take down threats like this. It is what they have been trained for.

    Please, get in contact with me if you are interested. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Let me think, engage highly trained, aggressive, and evidently effective squads dedicated exclusively to killing people who work for him when I have no training or experience in any kind of combat, or stay out of the way in my nice peaceful non combatant role far away from all the issues and drama you're dealing with. Kind of a no brainer here.