Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boss is too Angry to Post

Now before any of you fuckwits mention it, we know who burned the warehouse down around us. We aren't blind. We didn't really lose too much important, though it did interrupt something VERY fucking important. Fortunately Nightscream is pretty good at what it does.

The reason we haven't acted on it, is because it was fucking Hakurei Ryuu. About as threatening as one of my balloon animals. I think the boss is in shock, honestly. We kind of forgot she existed. Ah well... To make matters WORSE I think Valtiel showed up last night and talked to someone. Fucking creepy bastard. No one is fessing up to who it was, but that only makes me more fucking nervous... Shit, EVERYTHING is making me a fucking nervous wreck right now... Moriarty Killsquads, a new FUCKING Redlight, Valtiel, AND Runners can simply set our warehouses on fire with NO retaliation. I know I'm kind of old, but I can feel the reaper's shadow on my now more than ever...

Speaking of goddamn Redlight, is anyone as fucking paranoid about him going to quiet like this as I am? Because I am terrified. When he's talking, when he's doing shit in front of your face, it's bad. But at least you can see him. Know what he's doing. No one has seen him or heard from him in weeks. This is not a good sign for anyone. When he reappears... When he fucking unveils his new doomsday plan... I dunno... I just wonder if we'll be casualties.

Eh, but you guys are probably wondering what we've been up to lately. Well if you follow Nightscream, you would know we have... Or rather, had a captured Moriarty Grunt. He didn't want to talk, so we had to get creative. Then the fire. The good news is, we seem to have direction now. We have a new target, but I'm not allowed to say it who, for fear of them reading this blog. By the sound of things though, it looks like we are in for a fight. I deserve a pay raise for how much I get sent into the fire god dammit.


  1. Villain (noun): 1. An extremely depraved person, or one capable or guilty of great crimes. 2. A deliberate scoundrel.

    I think I'll just leave this here.

  2. I congratulate the one who caused such confusion and chaos in your ranks. They deserve commendation and praise.

    1. Don't you have a whale to hunt?

    2. I do. And you happen to work for it.

    3. Does that make us... barnacles?

    4. Ha! An apt description. Small creatures that cling to the bottoms of rocks and ships. Yes, that is what I shall call you now.