Friday, June 8, 2012

Crimson Shroud

A Good day, or evening, to you all. My name is Cloak, employee of everyone's favorite immaculately dressed deity. As my coworker said previously, I have been assigned to the Anti-Moriarty section of our organization. It is a difficult task, obviously, and we have not made much in the way of progress. Gleeman chose me to write up a report due to him being too preoccupied with answering the age old question of whether the human skull or the concrete wall will dent first. Personally I think our dear Mr. Ripper might be a better choice of conducting this test, after all we wouldn't be losing anything valuable and we can accurately guess that concrete would shatter first. But I digress.

We had one lead to speak of during the offensive on the Church. The Police were conspicuously absent. So I infiltrated the local Police Station to see if I could find out why. You would not believe the amount of pretty shiny things laying around these offices, wallets too. Stealing from a Police Station is a challenge for amateur infiltrators, but for one like myself it is child's play. Furthermore they never raise the alarm over it once they find their pockets are a bit lighter. After all, what could more embarrassing than getting robbed in your own police station. It Certainly does not paint the local authority in a competent light to the public, now does it?

I digress, I located the address and phone number of the chief of police. I understand that Mr. Montag was the one who retrieved Chief McPeters and his lovely wife. She had this charming necklace on her as well. Small Diamonds embedded into an ivory Christian Cross. This little detail interested for more reasons than the obvious. It was clearly very expensive, perhaps a little too expensive to purchase on a Police Officer's Salary. So I did a little digging at their home and found the receipt. Lo and Behold, it was a recent purchase. Very recent. I returned to the interrogation chamber with news of my findings, only to be told that Chief McPeters sang like a canary when subjected to Morningstar's rather twisted interrogation methods. Thus, my private investigation was something of a waste of time. Though not entirely, thanks to some rare coins I discovered in an old wooden box. Perhaps Mr. McPeters was a coin collector? Who knows.

Sadly, the Chief McPeters was less help than we had hoped for. He was indeed paid off to ignore the multitude of reports of shots fired at a somewhat remote church. However, he was paid off in person with the old "suitcase full of money" routine. Given that the one who gave him this money was of a decidedly mundane appearance and without any of the quirks we are so used to dealing with, I am afraid we have reached a dead end here. With no other options available, we will continue our investigation into the identity of the sniper known as Trips.

Speaking of Trips... I doubt you recall all of your kills, but did you ever happen to execute a Proxy while using a Machete or something similar and then stick her head on a makeshift spear? Then propping said spear in front of a known Proxy base of operations as a warning? Or do you know any of your coworkers who has done something similar? I would appreciate it very much if you could assist me in this matter. The Proxy would have had raven hair with emerald green eyes. About 5'9" or so. Fought using long knives?

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